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We’re excited to announce the launch of the CENNZX open beta programme!

The CENNZX beta programme will run on the Nikau 🌴 TestNet. This programme means you can be the first to try exclusive new features on CENNZnet, without spending real tokens, and help to guide the future of the platform’s development.

CENNZX is a decentralized AMM implementation built on CENNZnet. It powers the multi-currency fee payment system and is CENNZnet’s first DeFi offering. Users can trade directly on CENNZX against the spot price or act as liquidity providers and earn fees on trades.

How do I Join?

To get started with CENNZX beta testing, you will need to:

  1. Install the CENNZnet browser extension and add an account
  2. Get some free test tokens for your account using the faucet

That’s it. Go try CENNZX, create liquidity and trade!

Here are some important guides to learn more about how CENNZX works and to navigate the UI:

• Learn how CENNZX works by following this guide.

How to join the CENNZX Beta

Installing the CENNZnet browser extension

You can install the CENNZnet browser extension from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Reporting Issues

While trying the CENNZX UI you may encounter something unexpected or unusual.

If so please complete the following template to report the issue, attaching any screenshots and email it to


Expected result:

Actual result:

Steps to reproduce:

Test Address:


Here’s an example of a report (don’t worry we made sure this works 😉)

Describe the situation:

UI does not display my correct CPAY balance

Expected result:

My balance shows as 100 CPAY

Actual result:

My balance shows 0 CPAY

Steps to reproduce:

Open exchange page and select asset CPAY

Test Address: 5E9t6pGnAv66MibdAXjtzruSh2f4piPxKF1xSrq1fvfbkjCD

Browser: Chrome

If you come across something you believe to be a severe issue then please disclose it to:

If you need support or have questions about CENNZX please head to our CENNZX Discord channel:

We look forward to opening more betas in future and building CENNZnet with the community!

To stay up-to-date on the progress of our technology, follow us on Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Discord and Instagram.

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